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Unlocking Unlimited Potential, One Word at a Time

We’re dedicated to helping kids and adults discover their strengths and overcome communication challenges through bilingual speech therapy. Our approach is anchored by family engagement and participation to enhance and accelerate outcomes via teletherapy.

​​​Compassionate, Individualized Speech Therapy
For Diverse Needs

​Terapia del habla compasiva e individualizada ​
para diversas necesidades

Ms. Paula's Passion

As a bilingual speech-language pathologist, I’ve helped hundreds of children improve their communication skills. After working with diverse clients across many settings, I firmly believe that family engagement and parent participation enhance and accelerate intervention outcomes.

My parents immigrated from Chile, but we only spoke English at home. I committed to learning Spanish, went on to become a bilingual developmental expert, and discovered my passion for serving families like yours!

I take pride in equipping clients with the knowledge and skills to impact their speech and language development at home. Real progress is made between sessions by implementing learned strategies and incorporating them into daily routines with repeated practice.

I welcome your family as an extension of mine and look forward to guiding you through this journey of becoming a strong, skilled bilingual communicator!

Speech Therapy

Helping People of All Ages Communicate Better

Every voice should be heard and allowed to find meaningful connections. That’s why we create a nurturing and empowering environment that fosters growth, development, and self-confidence through bilingual speech therapy. We offer speech therapy for toddlers, children, and adults, and we customize our services to meet each child’s unique needs and goals.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on bilingual
children’s lives by:

We also specialize in social communication, cognitive communication, and executive function skills, as well as augmentative & alternative communication (AAC).

Reaching Out To You, Wherever You Choose To Be

We offer our individualized support via telehealth through HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. This allows our clients to receive support at home, or in whatever calming environment they choose.


Services Customized for You

Pediatric & Adult Speech-Language Therapy

Tailored to target your specific identified needs and guided by functional goals to expedite improvement.

Bilingual Speech Online

A parent education and training program that supports Spanish-English speaking children (ages 1-3) with possible speech-language delays or disorders.

Screenings & Evaluations

Designed for bilingual (Spanish-English) children to determine speech and language competencies.


Learn to Communicate With Confidence Through
Specialized Therapy

Our global community of diverse clients inspires us to provide specialized services that promote effective communication and meaningful connections. We work with children and adults with:

Articulation Disorders

Articulation disorders refer to difficulties producing speech sounds correctly due to problems with mouth, tongue, or lip movements required to make speech sounds, which can affect a person's ability to communicate effectively.

Phonological Disorders

Phonological disorders are speech sound disorders that involve difficulties with organizing speech sounds into a system that makes sense, resulting in errors producing sounds and words.

Language Disorders

Language disorders refer to difficulties with understanding or using language, including spoken, written, or sign language, which can affect a person's ability to communicate effectively in social, academic, and occupational settings.

Fluency Disorders

Fluency disorders, also known as stuttering and cluttering, are speech disorders that involve interruptions in the smooth flow of speech, such as repetitions, prolongations, and blocks, which can affect a person's ability to communicate fluently and comfortably.

Feeding/Swallowing Disorders

Feeding/swallowing disorders refer to difficulties with eating, drinking, and swallowing, which can result in choking, gagging, coughing, or aspiration of food or liquid into the lungs, and can lead to malnutrition, dehydration, and respiratory problems.

Cognitive Communication Needs

Cognitive communication needs refer to difficulties with communication related to cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and social skills, which can affect a person's ability to communicate effectively in everyday situations, such as following instructions, conversing, and expressing thoughts and emotions.

Compare Our Offerings

  • Done for you
  • Individualized therapeutic intervention targeting specific needs
  • All ages
  • Monolingual or bilingual (Spanish-English)
  • Recent evaluation required
  • May be covered by insurance
  • Ongoing commitment
  • 1-on-1 therapy with dedicated SLP
  • $125 / 45-min session (private pay rate)
Bilingual Speech Online
  • Done with you
  • General curriculum designed to support common language delays
  • Parents / caregivers of ages 1-3
  • Bilingual (Spanish-English)
  • No evaluation required
  • Not insurance eligible
  • 6-week or 12-week program
  • Weekly modules + periodic live 1-on-1 sessions with dedicated bilingual SLP
  • Starting at $33 / week

Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists

Bilingual Speech Therapy Offered

For young bilingual children suffering from communication difficulties, the benefits of bilingual pediatric therapy in both English and Spanish cannot be overstated. Here are a few ways that our bilingual speech therapy resources can help clients grow and thrive:

Communication in English and Spanish

Through a combination of aided and unaided communication techniques, our clients gain skills and learn to express themselves clearly and effectively. Speech therapy, after all, is about language. It’s not just speaking; it’s about communicating and expressing ideas to others.

Enhance and Maintain Social Skills

Good health begins with good social skills. And social skills are closely related to language skills. Our bilingual speech therapists employ modeling, role playing, and other techniques to teach good social skills and show clients how to adapt to dynamic social situations in multiple languages.

Practice Nonverbal Communication

No matter what language you speak, over half of face-to-face human communication is done non-verbally. Facial expressions, body language, etc. often say more than words. That’s why our speech therapy services aim to develop ‘total’ communication skills wherein the body and voice work together to communicate effectively.

What Clients Say


Very professional, emphatic and understanding of situations! My son learned a lot in a short time. Let them help your child!
Massiel Zaragoza
Massiel Zaragoza
We are very grateful for the great work both Ms. Paula and Torianna have done in supporting our daughter's language development. She has come such a long way! Her Early Intervention services were interrupted due to the pandemic, and she also missed a year of preschool. Finding bilingual speech therapy was also incredibly difficult and multiple people suggested that we give up on teaching our child Spanish altogether. So meeting Paula was definitely a Godsend! It's so great to hear our daughter express herself in Spanish (and starting to do so in English) and she's even learning to read in both languages. Needless to say, we're both beyond grateful.
Valeria Pileggi
Valeria Pileggi
Paula has been wonderful with our daughter. She is very engaged with both us as parents and with our daughter giving great feedback and encouragement as well tips and suggestions to work on at home. The sessions are filled with activities that promote the expressive language. We highly recommend her.
Sagrario Wang
Sagrario Wang
My daughter has made so much progress with her speech. Diana is wonderful and makes her lessons super interactive! She is bilingual and has helped our daughter grow.
Ron M
Ron M
Absolutely grateful for Ms. Judy and Paula. I’ve witnessed my daughters speech excel tremendously throughout the period she’s been working with Ms. Judy. My daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions and absolutely adores Ms. Judy.
Allison Sword
Allison Sword
Our family was so impressed with our experience with Ms. Paula, SLP. As parents going through the process for the first time, we were unsure what to expect to get the best speech therapy care for our newly turned three-year-old son. Ms. Paula made the whole process easy from the first call to his graduation. Ms. Paula and Ms. Liliana came to our home to evaluate our son's speech and worked with us to create a plan for our son's individual needs that worked around our busy schedule. Ms. Paula and Ms. Liliana were professional and caring and helped calm the nerves of a mom who didn't know what to expect or where to start. They even worked with our insurance on our behalf! We worked with Ms. Liliana for almost a year until our son 'graduated.' Our son loved working with Ms. Liliana, and I can easily say his sessions were a highlight of his week. He had so much fun playing with his friend and learned so much. He thrived during his sessions, and as a result of his experience, his speech is more precise, and he is a much more confident little guy. If you are looking for a speech therapist, call Ms. Paula and her team, you will not be disappointed.
Cari Torres
Cari Torres
Recomiendo ampliamente los servicios de Paula! Estoy muy feliz con los avances que logramos en el habla de mi hijo. No solo es una excelente profesional sino también una persona lindísima. Mi hijo esperaba con hacías tener las video llamadas y siempre tenía una sonrisa al verla. I would totally recommend Paula as an speech therapist. She's a great professional and she's really kind with the kids. My son loved her. I have only good comments about my experience. I had her complete support thru all the process with my son and I really appreciate it.
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia
We were fortunate to be able to find a dual language English/Spanish speech therapist. After a quick search on Google I was able to find Paula and I noticed her 5 star rating. I immediately looked up her page and after reading a little about her, I knew she would be ideal for our 2 year old son. Our goal is for him to learn to speak Spanish as we are a bilingual speaking household. We can say after a few months of at home therapy, we have seen great improvement, even though our son is still in the early stages of speaking , Paula has taught him how to communicate with us. We love how patient and kind she is yet her professionalism and determination stands out. We are extremely grateful for having found Paula in our sons life and I am looking forward to the upcoming sessions. Tuvimos la suerte de poder encontrar un terapeuta que habla bilingüe inglés / español. Después de una búsqueda rápida en Google, pude encontrar a Paula y noté su calificación de 5 estrellas. Inmediatamente busqué su página y después de leer un poco sobre ella, supe que sería ideal para nuestro hijo de 2 años. Nuestro objetivo es que él aprenda a hablar español ya que somos un hogar bilingüe. Podemos decir que después de unos meses de terapia en el hogar, hemos visto una gran mejoria, aunque nuestro hijo todavía está en las primeras etapas del habla, Paula le ha enseñado a comunicarse con nosotros. Nos encanta lo paciente y amable que es, pero su profesionalismo y determinación se destacan. Estamos extremadamente agradecidos por haber encontrado a Paula en la vida de nuestro hijo y espero con ansias las próximas sesiones.
Carrie Heller
Carrie Heller
Paula was wonderful to work with. She always arrived on time with a positive attitude and well prepared to help my daughter. She eagerly updated me with their progress and significantly helped improve my child’s speech. My daughter always looked forward to her sessions with Paula!