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Ms. Paula, SLP, is a bilingual (Spanish-English) speech-language pathology practice, where we provide comprehensive speech and language evaluations, treatment, consultation, and training to meet diverse client needs via telehealth.

From pediatric speech therapy to stuttering treatment for adults, therapeutic interventions are targeted to address specific needs and tailored for individual success. Therapy is customized for each client to improve one’s quality of life. Our approach is anchored by family engagement and participation to enhance and accelerate the outcomes of therapy.

​​​Compassionate, Individualized Speech Therapy
For Diverse Needs

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para diversas necesidades

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Speech Therapy for Kids and Adults

We specialize in social communication therapy, cognitive-communication, AAC, and much more.

We provide speech therapy for toddlers, children’s speech therapy, and therapy for adolescents. All our pediatric speech therapy services are targeted for specific needs, guided by functional goals, and tailored to your child’s individual success.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of bilingual children with language delays or disorders by enhancing receptive and expressive language skills, developing communication techniques, and boosting self esteem.

Are you concerned about your child’s speech language development?

Transform Your Child’s Bilingual Language Development in Just 12 Weeks!
Feel empowered to support your young child with Bilingual Speech Online, our done-with-you parent coaching program designed for Spanish-English families.

Not sure about your child’s spech or language development?

Take this quick 6-question diagnostic quiz and we will send you a video helping you understand whether your child is developing below, at, or above expectations for their age.

​What We Offer

Our Language Therapy Services

Pediatric & Adult ​Speech-Language Therapy

Targeted to specific needs, guided by functional goals, and tailored for your individual success.

Screenings & Evaluations

Speech, language, and feeding screenings and formal evaluations for children and adults who speak English and Spanish.

Additional Services for ​​Diverse Clients

Consultation and collaboration with educators, other private providers, and institutions. All our services are bilingual.

Compare Our Offerings


  • Done for you
  • Individualized therapeutic intervention targeting specific needs
  • All ages
  • Monolingual or bilingual (Spanish-English)
  • Recent evaluation required
  • May be covered by insurance
  • Ongoing commitment
  • 1-on-1 therapy with dedicated SLP
  • $125 / 45-min session (private pay rate)

Bilingual Speech Online

Bilingual Speech Online
  • Done with you
  • General curriculum designed to support common language delays
  • Parents / caregivers of ages 1-3
  • Bilingual (Spanish-English)
  • No evaluation required
  • Not insurance eligible
  • 6-week or 12-week program
  • Weekly modules + periodic live 1-on-1 sessions with dedicated bilingual SLP
  • Starting at $33 / week

Ms. Paula, SLP provides expert services to our neighbors in:

... and more!

Why Work With Us

Private Speech Therapy for Individuals

Professional, compassionate therapy services

Ms. Paula, SLP provides speech, language, and feeding screenings and formal evaluations for patients who speak English and Spanish. From toddlers to adults, we treat everyone in need.


We do what works for you

We take pride in providing effective, individualized services to support clients’ needs. Appointments occur via telehealth ​using a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform.

Happy multiethnic family sitting on sofa laughing together. Cheerful parents playing with their sons at home. Black father tickles his little boy while the mother and the brother smile.

Family comes first

Our team of expert pediatric speech therapists and support staff are dedicated to a family-centric approach that puts your family front and center. Our services are tailored with you in mind.

Cute little children measuring height near color wall

We prioritize long-term growth

Therapy is about the future. We provide all our patients with the essential tools, skills, and confidence they need to grow, thrive, and realize their full potential.

As a bilingual speech-language pathologist, I’ve helped hundreds of children improve their communication skills. After working with diverse clients across many settings, I firmly believe that family engagement and parent participation enhance and accelerate intervention outcomes.

My parents immigrated from Chile, but we only spoke English at home. I committed to learning Spanish, went on to become a bilingual developmental expert, and discovered my passion for serving families like yours!

I take pride in equipping clients with the knowledge and skills to impact their speech and language development at home. Real progress is made between sessions by implementing learned strategies and incorporating them into daily routines with repeated practice.

I welcome your family as an extension of mine and look forward to guiding you through this journey of becoming a strong, skilled bilingual communicator!

Who We Help

Speech Therapy for Everyone Who Needs It

We serve diverse clients in our local Chicago community. We work with children and adults with:
  • Articulation disorders: difficulties producing certain types of sounds
  • Phonological disorders: problems with fronting, sudden stopping, and deleting final consonants of words
  • Language disorders: delayed development in receptive language and expressive language skills
  • Fluency disorders: stuttering, cluttering, and other difficulties with producing a smooth and consistent rate of speech
  • Feeding/swallowing disorders: difficulties with chewing or swallowing, or a child’s refusal to eat certain foods or food groups
  • Cognitive-communication needs: difficulties with attention, memory, organization, problem solving, reasoning, and executive functions

Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists

Bilingual Speech Therapy Also Offered

For young bilingual children suffering from communication difficulties, the benefits of bilingual pediatric therapy in both English and Spanish cannot be overstated. Here are a few ways that our bilingual speech therapy resources can help clients grow and thrive:

Communication in English and Spanish

Through a combination of aided and unaided communication techniques, our clients gain skills and learn to express themselves clearly and effectively. Speech therapy, after all, is about language. It’s not just speaking; it’s about communicating and expressing ideas to others.

Enhance and Maintain Social Skills

Good health begins with good social skills. And social skills are closely related to language skills. Our bilingual speech therapists employ modeling, role playing, and other techniques to teach good social skills and show clients how to adapt to dynamic social situations in multiple languages.

Practice Nonverbal Communication

No matter what language you speak, over half of face-to-face human communication is done non-verbally. Facial expressions, body language, etc. often say more than words. That’s why our speech therapy services aim to develop ‘total’ communication skills wherein the body and voice work together to communicate effectively.

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