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Speech Therapy in Spanish: Three Reasons You Can Get Excellent Results From In-home Therapy

There are three terrific reasons that getting speech therapy in Spanish at home is a great idea. We’re excited to share this with you because we know that once you see how it works, you’ll want to jump right in. First, it’s a familiar environment for a child to learn. Second, this environment reinforces the child’s security in knowing they have permission to fail before they succeed. Finally, this environment sustains confidence while learning new skills and strategies. Put all three of these together and you have a terrific recipe for a child who gets accelerated results in a safe, comfortable environment. Let’s discuss each in detail.

The First Thing You Should Do When Setting up a Learning Environment at Home

Setting a learning environment in the home is the foundation for successful Spanish Speech Therapy. This is going to dictate the quality of your child’s experience and determine whether your child struggles through the learning process or embraces it. Here’s the thing: all humans need to know what’s in it for them before they give you their attention. Children are no different. Making an environment full of color, toys that aid in learning, and an overall fun environment will encourage your child to seek out play. That’s when you direct them to Speech Therapy in Spanish lessons and watch them grow.

That’s why setting up the environment before the teaching begins will lead to the type and quality of experience the child has, which in turn affects how they perform. So here’s how to do it. Create a special place in the house to conduct lessons and use that environment so the child will link that space with pleasure and want to go back. Use that same space for each lesson every week. Make sure the environment is pleasant with toys and space to move. The goal is for the child to enjoy the environment so that he or she also enjoys the lessons and the process. That may not always be successful, but overall it should be your goal.

How to Make Your Child Feel Secure in Their Own Learning Process at Home

Improving your child’s speech in Spanish can be a long, arduous process, but it’s not without its benefits. Specifically, the lessons are an opportunity to have fun and create bonding time with your child. Through the process of working with your child and us, we can solidify their feeling of security to know that if they don’t have an answer, or get an answer wrong, they can still find praise and encouragement in the process. This is incredibly powerful if you think about it because helping your child adopt a safe haven playground to have fun and create new experiences together sets them up for a more positive future in school and all throughout their learning career.

Speech Therapy in Spanish

Another way that together we can make your home a secure environment for your child to learn in is to implement demonstrations and repetitions into their lessons. This creates a safe space to try and fail many times. Often failing before succeeding can be the greatest teacher of all, but we tend to protect our children from harm or disappointment, and in doing so, we alienate them. Instead, allow them to make those mistakes and learn from them. Let them get a sound wrong and try over and over again without intervening. When in a Spanish Speech Therapy lesson, working together as a team helps your child yield the most benefit from the time spent together.


The most powerful way you can help build your child’s confidence at home when he or she is learning is to not jump into action when they express that they want something. Instead, wait for them to ask for it and then prompt them with the proper pronunciation. It may take some getting used to for your child, and it may be difficult not to give in, but if resolved to stick to it, this builds incredible confidence as they improve their speech.  Also, repetition is the key to mastery and also builds confidence, so it’s important to utilize these strategies whenever possible. The result? A well-rounded child who is learning leaps and bounds in a confident, secure environment and feels the fun in the experience. And isn’t that ultimately what you want them to feel? 

Getting Speech Therapy in Spanish at home is a wonderful experience when the environment for children is conducive to learning. That includes a familiar environment, reinforced security, and sustained confidence while learning new skills and strategies.

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